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Sight From the Tempest

August 22, 2008

Everything is going up. Everything is fine. Everything is going as planned. Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Everything is going down. Everything is in chaos. Everything’s in disarray. Everything’s a mess, a mess, a mess.

It’s a tropical storm, hooray! I love storms like this. Pouring buckets all day. I find a break in it. It’s time to leave, time to stretch my wings and take flight from this broken home. I need serenity, like only the chaos of a storm can bring me. (more…)


Sight From the Songs

August 18, 2008

The tension around me boils. There’s so much noise, and what needs to be said is remaining the only absent thing. The more they strive to get where they want to go, the further they drift from grace.

Someway outside. Somewhere outside. Someone outside. Escape, trivial lapses from mundane things, away from worry, away from minds that pay no mind.

iPod? Check. Headphones? Check. Wallet? Doesn’t matter, it’s not like I can afford anything. Shoes and a direction, that’s all I need. (more…)